Infographic: Global Nutrition Report 2015

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The infographic uses data from the Global Nutrition Report 2015 to present a snapshot of the scale of malnutrition across the globe. It tracks country progress towards two nutrition-related World Health Assembly targets for 2025, stunting in children under-5, and obesity among adults aged 18+.

Stunting is defined as the percentage of children 0–59 months who are below minus two (moderate and severe) standard deviations from median height-for-age of the WHO Child Growth Standards

Source: United Nations Children’s Fund, World Health Organization, The World Bank. UNICEF-WHO-The World Bank: 2014 Joint child malnutrition estimates: Levels and trends. UNICEF, New York; WHO, Geneva; The World Bank, Washington, DC; 2015.  (July 2015 update, except for India, which is September 2015 update)

Adult obesity is defined as the percentage of defined population (adults 18+) with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher.

Source: World Health Organization Global Health Observatory Data Repository 2015. Available from: (Accessed April 20, 2015)

Visualizing Nutrition

Data used in the Global Nutrition Report’s analyses and country profiles are available to download for use and analysis. The data and visualization platform gives users an additional way of accessing and understanding how malnutrition is distributed across the world.

Response to Comment: Iron Supplementation

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Indicators for Country Profiles

We are pleased to share the draft list of indicators that we will be preparing for each country for the Global Nutrition Report. >> Read more