Independent Expert Group

Selected from nominations submitted to the Stakeholder Group, the Independent Expert Group is responsible for the Global Nutrition Report’s data, analysis and conclusions, and is accountable for the quality and independence of its content.

Lawrence Haddad (International Food Policy Research Institute) - Co-Chair

Corinna Hawkes - (City University, London) - Co-Chair

Emorn Udomkesmalee (Mahidol University, Thailand) - Co-Chair

Endang Achadi (University of Indonesia)

Mohamed Ag Bendech (FAO)

Arti Ahuja (Women and Child Development, Odisha, India)

Zulfiqar Bhutta (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto & Aga Khan University, Pakistan)

Luz Maria De-Regil (Micronutrient Initiative, Canada)

Jessica Fanzo (Johns Hopkins University)

Rafael Flores-Ayala (CDC, USA)

Patrizia Fracassi (SUN Secretariat, Switzerland)

Laurence M. Grummer-Strawn (WHO)

Elizabeth Kimani (African Population and Health Research Centre, Kenya)

Eunice Nago Koukoubou (University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin)

Yves Martin- Prével (IRD, France)

Purnima Menon (International Food Policy Research Institute)

Rachel Nugent (RTI International, USA)

Stineke Oenema (UN Standing Committee on Nutrition, Rome)

Judith Randel (Development Initiatives, UK)

Jennifer Requejo (PMNCH, Switzerland)

Tom Slaymaker (UNICEF)

Boyd Swinburn (University of Auckland)

A Data Access Group facilitates the access to and interpretation of data included in the Report.

  • Jose Luiz Alvarez Morán (Coverage Monitoring Network, Action Against Hunger, UK)
  • Luz Maria De-Regil (Micronutrient Initiative, Canada)
  • Dolf te Lintelo (Institute of Development Studies, UK)
  • Gretchen Stevens (World Health Organization, Switzerland)