Nutrition Country Profiles

The Nutrition Country Profiles will next be updated in 2017

The 193 individual nutrition country profiles capture the status and progress of all UN Member States, and the 80+ indicators include a wealth of information on child, adolescent and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, in addition to intervention coverage, food supply, economics, and demography. This tool is particularly useful for nutrition champions at the country-level, as it presents a wide range of evidence needed to assess country progress in improving nutrition and nutrition-related outcomes.

For 2015, we have updated the profiles using the same indicators for each country so that users can access the most recent information on nutrition as they refer to the Global Nutrition Report 2015 . Profiles from 2014 are still accessible here, as these relate to the data presented in the Global Nutrition Report 2014.

2015 Country Profiles (Countries by Region)

2014 Country Profiles (Countries by Region)

To read more about the definitions and sources of the country profile indicators, see Technical Note 1 of the Global Nutrition Report 2014, and an updated Note for the Global Nutrition Report 2015. For early discussions on the rationale behind the indicators we selected, see this post and the Country Profile Indicators Table (July 15, 2014). A blog post about our experience of working with global nutrition data is available here (28 August 2015)

For ideas on how to make the most of the Country Profiles, read this Guide to Using the Nutrition Country Profile.

The underlying datasets used to develop the 2014 and 2015 country nutrition profiles are available for download here.